Sunday, November 14, 2010

CP's Caddis Larva Tying Video

Just finished my second tying video. CP's Caddis Larva nymph. Let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy.

Hook: MFC#7045 Size 14 thru 18
Bead: Black
Under body: Flat lead tape
Thread: 8/0 Light Olive - 8/0 Black
Abdomen: MFC Wonder Wrap Caddis Green
Rib: X-SM Green UTC Wire
Wing case 1: Black Holographic Tinsel
Wing case 2: Black Flouro Fibre
Thorax: SLF Black Prism Dubbing
Legs: Black Flouro Fibre


  1. Great looking fly, thanks for sharing, I just learned that I need some wonder wrap!!

  2. Dude, that's a awesome fly. I'll be tying some of those up for the Arkansas this spring for sure. Thanks!

  3. Thanks Guys, It has been a great pattern this year. The big test will be this spring on the Ark.

  4. Super little pattern Carl, love how you segment the body!

  5. Great looking tie. The segmented body is really nice. Is the body material a stretchy, rubbery material? I am not familiar with the hook. Is it similar to a TMC 2488? Let us know how it fishes.

  6. Good looking flies, where can you buy the materials for your caddis lavra and BWO emerger pattern. Flouro fibre and tinsils

  7. Where are you located? Anglers All in Littleton Co has most of the materials.

  8. Where is the best place to buy the materials for this fly?

  9. Anglers All in Littleton, Co. or you can find the material on line. Just Google the material name

  10. I noticed that most of your Caddis Larvae & Pupa are tied with a Black Bead. Is a black bead more realistic/productive than the commonly tied gold bead?

    1. Mike,
      I like the black bead because it matchs the natural. I think it tends to be me realistic