Sunday, March 7, 2010

BWO Biot Emerger Tutorial

This is the next fly I want to add tying steps for. The name of this the BWO Biot Emerger. This fly has been a all year success. I keep this fly in primarily 3 sizes 18, 20 & 22. I also tie it with out the flash back. The BWO Biot Emerger is also been picked up by Montana Fly Company. It is in there 2010 catalog. Hope you enjoy, give a few a try you will be happy

Material list
Hook: Scud hook Size 18 to 22
Thread: 8/0 grey
Tail: Amber Z-lon
Abdomen: Olive/Brown Goose biot
Wing case #1: UTC Mirage opal tinsel
Wing Case #2: Grey Flourofibre
Thorax: Adams Grey Dubbing
Legs: Grey Flourofibre
Step 1: Attach thread to hook, bind down amber Z-lon 1/2 way down the bend of the hook. Also start soaking a olive/brown goose biot.
Step 2: Attach olive/brown goose biot. I tie in the goose biot notch up, this will create a smooth segmented body.
Step 3: Wrap the olive/brown goose biot forward to the 70% point. Over lap the wrap back onto the previous wrap. This will flatten out the ridge that stands up on the goose biot.
Step 4: Tie of goose biot and move thread to the 50% point of the hook. Tie in UTC Mirage opal tinsel on the top of the hook shank. Bind down to the 50% point of the fly
Step 5: Tie in 8 to 10 strands of grey flurofibre on top of the hook, bind down to the 50% point of the fly.
Step 6:Dub a nice thorax, leave a little extra space at the eye.
Step 7: Pull all the strands of the flurofibre forward and bind down with 2 wraps. Be careful not to get carried away with to many wraps of thread.
Step 8: Separate the flurofibre into 2 equal bunches, pull the flurofibre on the far side of the hook back and bind down with 2 wraps of thread. Then pull back the flurofibre back on the near side of the hook and bind down with 2 wraps of thread. At this point you should have equal size bunches of flurofibre on each side of hook
Step 9: Trim flurofibre just past the back of the thorax, this will create your legs. Than pull the UTC Mirage opal tinsel forward and bind down with 2 wraps. Than pull the UTC mirage opal tinsel back and bind down with 2 wraps, trim tinsel and whip finish.
Finished fly, please note the nice clean head of this fly. If you don't pay attention to your thread wraps you can loose control of this head very easily. So keep all you tie in's to 2 wraps. Also use as small as thread as possible. You should be using at the minimum 8/0.
Another angle of the finished fly.


  1. Looks great, and gives me a reason to buy some more hooks!

    Question: In the absence of fluorofibre, what would make a decent sub? From the looks of it, gray krystal flash, hen hackle fibres, or some sort of soft fur or feather would do the trick, but perhaps the FF gives it something that you just cant get from a sub?

  2. 1st I would say grey organza, you can find that at any fabric store and for penny's. 2nd I would say dun hackle fibres. I really like subtle flash from the legs, it shows movement.

  3. Hey guys sorry to butt in.... Mark, try to carefully streatch your crystal flash this will shrink it down to what ever size you need...
    Carl.. Organza? thanks for the tip....... I have to check that out

  4. Thanks guys! Was gonna try that tonight, but I'm dead tired. I'll give it a try tomorrow.

    Linked to this article on my blog.

    Thanks Again.

  5. Mark thanks for the link on your blog. Have you tried tying the pattern yet

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  7. Come on Carl, I wanted to see what Viagra had to say......

  8. Nice looking you ever tie it in a PMD version? If so, what colors would you use?


  9. Nice tie! have you ever used Natures Spirit N0.9 Baetis in place of the Adams Grey? It's a great dubbing color for small Baetis nymphs and dries. Check it out!