Sunday, May 31, 2009

HMD Nymph (Home Made Device)

HMD Nymph
This little nymph I consider my first fly that I designed. This fly has produced on tail waters, freestone rivers and still water. The HMD nymph is my goto to nymph for almost any condition. It has a great buggy appearance to it. Tie a few up.
Hook: Curved caddis Hook
Thread: 8/0 Black on natural - 8/0 olive on olive nymph
Bead: Black
Rib: copper brown wire on natural, green wire on olive
Flash back: Medium Mirage opal tinsel-This goes over the abdomen only.
Abdomen: 60% natural Hare's Mask 40% tan UV Ice Dub or
60% olive hare's mask with 40% LT olive UV Ice dub
Thorax: Black UV Ice Dub, Peacock Ice Dub

I think the key to this fly is the dubbing mixture on the abdomen. After you complete the fly brush out the abdomen and thorax.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Casual Dress Nymph

I joined a fly swap for the flymph forum. IBF Swap #11 Hair hackles. The only stipulation was that it had to be a hair or fur soft hackle. I have always been a big fan of Polly Rosbrough. His fuzzy nymph series was ahead of it's time. One of the first VHS tapes I bought was his "Tying Fuzzy Nymphs. His techniques are very unique, his nymphs are very durable and create a lot of movement in the water. The Casual Dress Nymph is a deadly lake pattern. Polly considered this nymph as an food nymph. Hope you enjoy
Material List
Hook: TMC5263 size 12
Thread: 6/0 Gray
Tail: Tuft of muskrat fur
Abdomen: Muskrat fur
Collar: Muskrat Fur
Head: Black Ostrich herl

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Golden stone fly nymph

This fly has been one my go to flies for about the last year. It has produced fish at an great clip. This spring I have been running this in tandem with a beatis nymph. A fairly simple tie and a very durable nymph.

Bead Head Verizon

Hook: Standard 2xl nymph hook, Bead Head 3xl nymph hook
Weight: Flat lead tape
Thread: Yellow 6/0
Tail: Amber goose biots
Under Body: Yellow thread, colored on top with markers
Over body: Light Golden Stone D-rib
Wing case: Golden Stone scud back(Rainy's)
Thorax: TroutHunters Rene' Harrop Tannish Yellow Dubbing
Legs: Natural Partridge

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cheesman Canyon 5/3/09

Arrived at the parking lot a 6:30am, to my surprise I was the first in the lot. Geard up and hit the trail. The flow was running about 500cfs, overcast weather conditions. Started fishing right below the meat hole. About third cast hooked up with a nice 17" rainbow. Worked the hole for about an hour, picked up 5 more fish. Moved up to the meat hole with not much luck. Worked that section river for another hour picking up a few more fish. I was surprised how little fisherman where on the water for a Sunday. There were maybe a 1/2 dozen fisherman on the lower section of the river. Noticed a few BWO starting to hatch, but no surface activity. 

Moved down to the picnic table hole, and went over to the far side of the bank. Noticed a lot of active fish on the seam. Picked up a smaller rainbow, worked it for a little while and then picked up the nicest fish of the day. A beautiful 20" rainbow.

Moved back up river and noticed that the flows had dropped from the morning. It was mid afternoon and I had to get heading to car.      


Fly of the day
Biot Emerger

Nice Spotted Rainbow

Swimming away
Another Nice Rainbow

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fly Pattern - DH Hopper

This is one of my newest patterns. I love to fish hoppers
Hook: TMC5262 sizes 8 thru 12
Thread: 6/0 color to match
Over Body: 2mm foam
Under Body: 1mm foam
Under Wing: Rainbow Crystal Flash
Over Wing: Dear or Elk Hair
Thorax: UV Ice Dub - Color to match
Legs: Barred rubber legs
color combinations are up to you
have fun tying and fishing this pattern