Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Cableas Store

Me and my neighbor took a drive down to the new Cableas store in Lonetree, Co. The new store is beautiful, it is about 94,000 square feet of outdoor heaven.  The store opened a little over a week ago, the grand opening weekend was a circus. There was at times a 4 hour wait to get in the store on the grand opening weekend . After a week the shelves seamed fairly well stocked. So we get in the store and head back to fly shop to check it out. What do we find, a so called fly shop stuck back in the corner. I can tell you this our local fly shops have nothing to worry about, our local Bass Pro Shop has a better fly shop than the Cableas. Even our local Sportsmans Warehouse has a better fly shop than the Cableas. If you walked and blinked you could miss the fly tying section. Then we went looking for the fly bins, and too our surprise there was just a very small selection. The fly bins where shockingly small, I think Dick's Sporting goods has more fly bins then the Cableas. Then we started looking at there prices, I will just say this they are high. As a outdoor store it is great, the fly shop is a disappointment.

At the vise today

Every once in a while I get in the mood to tie up a classic. Well today that classic was a Muddler minnow with a twist. I really like tying the body with ultra wire. So hear are a couple pictures of the days work. A properly tied Muddler is a thing of beauty, these still have some work. For the most part I'm pleased with them.