Monday, August 31, 2009

South Platte River, Cheesman Canyon - 8/30/09

Got the chance to get out for the day to one of my favorite rivers. Arrived at the parking lot about 6:oo am, first car into the lot. Shortly after I started to gear up, two more cars pulled in. Started hiking in to the canyon about 6:45am, trying to come up with a game plan on where to fish. Decided to start fishing about mid point on the river. I call the area tree rock, because in the middle of the river is a big rock with a tree growing out of it. My first set was a size 14 golden stone nymph followed by a size 16 pheasant tail, followed by size 18 biot emerger. After about the 5th cast my indicator flat out disappeared, set the hook and after a few minutes I had this 18" rainbow into the net.

Worked to hole for about another hour picking up about 3 more fish. About mid morning I was noticing consistence fish rising on the other side of river. So I decided to change spots and dry my luck with a dry fly. After I relocated to the other side of the river I figured out it was a nice PMD hatch going on. Rigged up the rod with a size 16 parachute PMD, dropped a size 20 PMD emerger below. Sat there and watched refusal after refusal so I had to try something different. I took of the emerger and tied on a size 20 PMD compare dun. First cast with the compare dun on I landed this 16" rainbow. Fished the same area picking up a few more little fish. It has been a while since I fished a dry fly almost forgot how much fun it is to fish a dry fly.

Started working my way back to the car fishing my way out. I noticed this purple beetle on a tree stump. Never seen one this color before. I also watch a doe and fawn just of the trail from me. Did fish to much until I reached the lower river. Took advantage of the meat hole not being fished. Promptley landed a 17" rainbow and 16" brown. The one thing I noticed was how empty the river was for a Sunday. Then I realized NFL football is starting.

Overall it was a great day, fishing was great, scenery was great. Weather was awesome.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stillwater fly swap 2009

There are only a couple of forums that I will participate in fly swaps, Rocky Mountain Fly is one of those sites. The quality of tiers are outstanding, and the flies are what I would fish with. Here are my two patterns for the swap. These two flies have been big producers on the still water this year.

This fly is my UV Callibaetis Nymph. Big producers at the mountain lakes. Spinney, Delany and Antero .

Hook: 2xl Nymph Hook
Thread: 8/0 Rusty Dun
Tail: Grey ostrich herl
Rib: 4lbs mono
Shell Back: Thin Skin Mottled Bustard Natural
Abdomen: Dubbing Mixture 60% Light tan hares mask, 40% UV tan Ice Dub. This mixture needs to be very light in color. Also after I tie the abdomen I brush out the dubbing on the sides to create the look of the gills.
Wing case: Thin Skin Mottled Bustard Natural
Thorax: Dubbing Mixture 60% Hares Mask, 40% UV Tan Ice Dub. This mixture is darker than that of the abdomen.
Legs: Natural Partridge

This fly is my No Name Red Midge. This fly is modeled after the cowboy midge from a Friend of mine.

Hook: 2xl Curved Nymph Hook
Thread: 8/0 red
Rib: Small Silver Wire
Abdomen: Red Fireworks Braid
Wing Case and Gills: White CDC Puff
Thorax: Red Dyed Peacock Herl

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hank Roberts Woven Stonefly nymph

About two week ago I was given a challenge by a good friend. He is a fly fishing guide in his sixties. He was looking for this nymph, Hank Roberts Woven stone fly nymph. This nymph has been around for a long time. Between a couple for sources I was able to figure out the nymph. The Internet did not a have a lot of info. The fly tying forum was a big help. One of the forum members was able to send me a couple of samples. Terry with Anglers All was a great help. After some time at the bench this is what I was able to come up with. Hank Roberts tied his flies with a different set of proportions, I'm tying mine with a more standard set of proportions.