Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Fly Fishing Show

Starting tomorrow at 10:00am and going thru the weekend I will be tying at the 2013 Fly Fishing Show. Will be showing some of my new patterns and also tying some old favorites. Please stop by and say hi. I will be away from my station from about 12:15pm to 2:15pm on Friday. The show starts on Friday January the 4th and runs threw Sunday January the 6th. Please check there web site for show times.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Step By Step Tutorial Tan Luccent Larva

Tan Luccent Larva
Hook: MFC #7045 Size 12 thru 16
Bead: MFC Luccent Tungsten Coffee
Thread: 8/0 Brown
Rib: X-SM Copper Wire
Abdomen: MFC Sand Luccent Micro Chenille
Thorax: MFC Brown Generation X Dubbing, Brown SLF Spikey Squirrel and Brown UV Ice Dubbing. All Blended together
Scud Back: Tan Mottled Scud back
Place Bead on hook and put hook into vice

 Wrap 6 to 8 turns .10 lead wire
 Start thread and lay down base of thread
 Tie wire rib on side of hook and bind down to back of fly
 Tie in Luccent Micro Chenille
 Bind down Luccent chenille down to back of fly
Wrap Luccent chenille forward to the 75% point of fly. Bind down and trim excess away

 Split thread
 Insert dubbing into split thread. Do not over do the dubbing, does not take that much dubbing.
 Spin bobbin clockwise to tighten up dubbing
 Wrap dubbing forward to behind bead
 Brush dubbing down to create a smooth top of fly
 Attach scud back right behind bead
 Pull scud back down over the back of fly and bind down with copper rib. About 5 to 6 turns
 The last rib should end up at the back of thorax. Pull wire underneath thorax and make one wrap behind bead and tie of with thread. Cut wire
 Whip finish and cut thread
 Color thorax region of fly with brown marker
 Finished Fly side
 Finished fly top
Finished fly bottom