Sunday, March 27, 2016

Titan Rod Vault finally installed.

Received a Titan Rod Vault for Christmas and have been looking for a affordable system to mount it to my truck. Did not what to add a shell to my truck also wanted to keep my tonno cover on my bed. Went and priced a couple rack systems that where mounted to the cab of my truck and to say the least sticker shock was involved. I started looking for a bed mounted rack system that I could use with my tonno cover and come to find out there aren't many rack systems that work with tonno covers. Found Access ADARAC system and after researching the rack it looked to be a perfect fit. It met all of my requirements, cost effective, works with my tonno cover and is easy to install. Found the Access ADARAC from Real truck a online truck accessories web site for $317 and free shipping. Was able to install the rack and the Titan Rod Vault in around 2-1/2 hours. Installation on the rack system was quite easy and 1 person was able to complete the install. The ADARAC system is not the most stylish rack on the market but the functionality more then makes up for it. Here are a few pictures below showing the rack and Titan Rod Vault installed.  
Now lets talk about the Titan Rod Vault. Went together and installed on the truck very easily. The packaging the Titan comes in is virtually bomb proof. Took me longer to unpackaged the Titan Rod Vault then it took me to install it.
Please check out both companies you won't be disappointed