Sunday, December 13, 2009

Size 26 Parachute BWO Dry

Was a little bored today, wanted to try something different. I have always liked the challenge of tying small. Really pay close attention to the abdomen of this fly. Took a little trick I learned from Herm Degala to create the segmentation on the abdomen.

Hook: TMC2488 size 26
Thread: 17/0 Trico white
Tail: 3 fibres Coq De Lon feather
Abdomen: Olive micro tubing with the Coq De Lon fibres inserted
Post: White Float Viz
Hackle: Blue dun
I do not know If this is a sign of a sick mind.
Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

West Denver TU Tying Clinic Februray 13th 2010

Just a quick note, I received a call on Thursday from Jon Wiemer and I have been added to the line up this year for the tying clinic. Hope to see every one there.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Frying Pan River- 11/23/09

Took the week of from work to use up vacation time. First trip of the week is to the Frying Pan river. Looked at forecast on Sunday night, almost wimped out. My friend Duane changed my mind. We met at the parking lot at I-70 and hogback at a little before 4:00am. The roads where not to bad, it was snowing from about Georgetown to the other side of Vail. We arrived at the Frying pan River about 7:45am, geared up and headed on to the flat. It was chilly, and a little breezy. The fishing was good. Browns seam to be on the flat in spawning mode. No monsters just a lot of good fish. I only caught a couple of rainbows, mostly browns. Fished to about 2:45pm then headed back. Great day, good company.

There was 2 different flies working well, orange egg and red mercury midge.

The picture above was from last years trip, this years trip was much of the same.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New BWO Nymph

This is a new pattern I have been playing with. The pattern has had little time on the water. What little bit I have fished it, it has produced well. Looking for some more testing on the water, please tie some up and give them a test. Please post results in the comments.

Hook: TMC2488 - Sizes 16 thru 22
Thread: UTC 70D olive
Tail: Olive Partridge
Rib: X-small black wire
Wing case: Olive Lagartun flat mini braid
Throax: Arizona Peacock Dubbing
Legs: Olive Partridge

Tying At 2010 Fly Fishing Show - Denver, CO

I have been added as a tier at the 2010 Fly Fishing Show, January 8th - 10th. I'm looking forward to this opportunity. Hope to to see everyone there. Stop by an introduce yourself.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fly Tying Demo at Ghillie's Fly Shop

For any body interested I will be tying a demo at Ghillie's Fly Shop in Colo. Springs. I will be tying some of my favorite nymphs and how to fish them. The demo will be projected in HD to a big screen TV, thanks to Juan Ramirez. Hope to see everyone on Saturday

Demo Starts at 10:00am
Ghillie's Fly Shop
3314 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
Colo. Springs, CO 80918

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trying something New - Paraloop Hackle

Trying something new, para loop hackles. I decided to learn a new skill in fly tying this morning. Para loop hackles flies are a fly I have enjoyed looking at. I took my favorite nymph emerger and tied it with a para loop hackle. Once you learn a few little tricks para loop hackles are fairly easy to tie. You tube has a few videos with para loop hackles tying instructions.
Biot Emerger Paraloop
Hook: TMC 2457 Size 16
Thread: 14/0 Grey
Tail: Amber Z-lon
Abdomen: Olive/Brown Goose Biot
Hackle post: 2lb mono
Hackle: Grizzly
Legs: Grey Fluoro Fibre - hard too see, not necessary
Thorax: Natural Muskrat

Can't wait to try this fly on my next trip, BWO hatch here I come.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Versatility of a Phesant Tail Nymph

I was looking in my mayfly nymph box today and noticed all the different variations of the pheasant tail nymph I carry. So It got me thinking is there a more versatile nymph than the pheasant tail nymph. Here are examples of the pheasant tail nymph I carry in my fly box.

Standard PT nymph natural
Sizes 16 thru 20

Standard PT nymph olive color
Sizes 16 thru 20

Standard PT nymph black color
Sizes 16 thru 20

Stand PT nymph black/red color
Sizes 16 thru 20

Soft Hackle PT nymph
Sizes 16 and 18

Flash Back Bead Head PT nymph natural
Sizes 16 and 18

Red BH PT Nymph
Sizes 16 and 18

Mercury Bead PT nymph
Sizes 16 thru 20

The question is can a person carry to many pheasant tail nymphs?
Is there a more versatile nymph than the Pheasant Tail Nymph?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Biot Emerger BWO

Hook: TMC 2457 size 16 thru 22
Thread: 8/0 grey
Tail: Amber Z-lon
Abdomen: Olive Brown Goose Biot
Wing case 1: UTC Mirage Opal Tinsel
Wing case 2: Grey Fluoro Fiber
Legs: Grey Fluoro Fiber

This fly is one that was picked up by Montana Fly Co.

Montana Fly Lucent Tungsten Beads - Christmas Red

I saw these colored tungsten beads by Montana Fly Co. thought I would give them a try. They are available in a few colors, I like the red the best. A lot of possibilities for different midge patterns. With the winter coming and a lot of midge fishing on its way, a lot of testing around the corner

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two Fly Patterns Picked up by Montana Fly

Today I was able to receive great confirmation that the two patterns below have been picked up by Montana Fly Company. They are listed in the new 2010 catalog addendum. I would like to thank Nick with Deer Creek Flies, Nick helped me get in contact with Adam Trina. Pretty exciting day. I look forward to working with Montana Fly Company.

"D" Rib Golden Stone Nymph

Biot Emerger BWO

Monday, August 31, 2009

South Platte River, Cheesman Canyon - 8/30/09

Got the chance to get out for the day to one of my favorite rivers. Arrived at the parking lot about 6:oo am, first car into the lot. Shortly after I started to gear up, two more cars pulled in. Started hiking in to the canyon about 6:45am, trying to come up with a game plan on where to fish. Decided to start fishing about mid point on the river. I call the area tree rock, because in the middle of the river is a big rock with a tree growing out of it. My first set was a size 14 golden stone nymph followed by a size 16 pheasant tail, followed by size 18 biot emerger. After about the 5th cast my indicator flat out disappeared, set the hook and after a few minutes I had this 18" rainbow into the net.

Worked to hole for about another hour picking up about 3 more fish. About mid morning I was noticing consistence fish rising on the other side of river. So I decided to change spots and dry my luck with a dry fly. After I relocated to the other side of the river I figured out it was a nice PMD hatch going on. Rigged up the rod with a size 16 parachute PMD, dropped a size 20 PMD emerger below. Sat there and watched refusal after refusal so I had to try something different. I took of the emerger and tied on a size 20 PMD compare dun. First cast with the compare dun on I landed this 16" rainbow. Fished the same area picking up a few more little fish. It has been a while since I fished a dry fly almost forgot how much fun it is to fish a dry fly.

Started working my way back to the car fishing my way out. I noticed this purple beetle on a tree stump. Never seen one this color before. I also watch a doe and fawn just of the trail from me. Did fish to much until I reached the lower river. Took advantage of the meat hole not being fished. Promptley landed a 17" rainbow and 16" brown. The one thing I noticed was how empty the river was for a Sunday. Then I realized NFL football is starting.

Overall it was a great day, fishing was great, scenery was great. Weather was awesome.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stillwater fly swap 2009

There are only a couple of forums that I will participate in fly swaps, Rocky Mountain Fly is one of those sites. The quality of tiers are outstanding, and the flies are what I would fish with. Here are my two patterns for the swap. These two flies have been big producers on the still water this year.

This fly is my UV Callibaetis Nymph. Big producers at the mountain lakes. Spinney, Delany and Antero .

Hook: 2xl Nymph Hook
Thread: 8/0 Rusty Dun
Tail: Grey ostrich herl
Rib: 4lbs mono
Shell Back: Thin Skin Mottled Bustard Natural
Abdomen: Dubbing Mixture 60% Light tan hares mask, 40% UV tan Ice Dub. This mixture needs to be very light in color. Also after I tie the abdomen I brush out the dubbing on the sides to create the look of the gills.
Wing case: Thin Skin Mottled Bustard Natural
Thorax: Dubbing Mixture 60% Hares Mask, 40% UV Tan Ice Dub. This mixture is darker than that of the abdomen.
Legs: Natural Partridge

This fly is my No Name Red Midge. This fly is modeled after the cowboy midge from a Friend of mine.

Hook: 2xl Curved Nymph Hook
Thread: 8/0 red
Rib: Small Silver Wire
Abdomen: Red Fireworks Braid
Wing Case and Gills: White CDC Puff
Thorax: Red Dyed Peacock Herl

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hank Roberts Woven Stonefly nymph

About two week ago I was given a challenge by a good friend. He is a fly fishing guide in his sixties. He was looking for this nymph, Hank Roberts Woven stone fly nymph. This nymph has been around for a long time. Between a couple for sources I was able to figure out the nymph. The Internet did not a have a lot of info. The fly tying forum was a big help. One of the forum members was able to send me a couple of samples. Terry with Anglers All was a great help. After some time at the bench this is what I was able to come up with. Hank Roberts tied his flies with a different set of proportions, I'm tying mine with a more standard set of proportions.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Razor Foam - a under used dubbing subsitute

I have been playing with Razor foam in place of dubbing on dry flies for a while. Razor foam is a unique body material for dry flies. With razor foam in place of dubbing on the body, flies seem to float a little longer. Razor foam unlike dubbing dose not seem to soak up as much water as dubbing.What is razor foam? It is closed cell foam sliced into thinner thickness. The two thickness available is .5mm and 1mm.
There are two supplies of razor foam I have found. Waspi's Razor foam and Raniey's Cross link foam.

There are a couple of differences between the two foams. First the Wapsi razor foam has more stretch to it. With more stretch it enables you to work with smaller flies. Also Wapsi Razor foam comes in a opaque colors and translucent colors.

Below is a size 20 parachute Adams tied with the translucent grey razor foam from Wapsi

Tying with Razor foam is simple. Here I will go over the steps to tie a simple body with Razor Foam. General rule of thumb for thickness of foam to the size of fly. 1mm thickness size 12 fly and larger. .5mm thickness size 14 fly and smaller.

Notice the grain in the razor foam, always cut with the grain of the foam.

First cut a narrow strip of foam. The width of the strip depends on size of fly. This strip is about 1/8" wide, this is going to be tied on a size 14 hook. You also need to taper the tie in point.

Next step is to tie in the strip of foam to the fly. Tie in the strip of foam with taper facing up.

Next step is to wrap the foam around the hook. I wrap just like dubbing. You can vary the tension on the foam to create a nicely tapered body.

Go ahead and finish of the fly. The front half of the body is still dubbing. Here is the finished parachute Razor foam Adams.

Here are some samples of other flies you can tie.

Razor Foam Caddies

Razor Foam Caddies with Sharpie marker at the trailing edge.
This is my DH Hopper, tied in orange and black. This pattern can be tied in many different color combinations.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spinney Mountain Resivor and Eleven Mile Canyon - 6/6/09

Learned a valuable lesson today, went to Spinney Mountain Reservoir for a day of fishing. Did not check weather forecast, big mistake. Arrived at Spinney about 8:00 am and noticed wind blowing a lot harder than it should be for that time, approx 20mph. Decided to go ahead and hike down to the favorite spot. Got rigged up and started fishing, with in a hour there where 2 foot white caps on the lake. At that point we decided to come up with a new plan, had the kitchen pass did not want to go home. Decided to go to Eleven mile canyon.

I hate to admit this, lived in Colorado all my life. Fly fished Colorado 25 years and I have never been to Eleven Mile Canyon. After spending a few hours on Saturday, what a great fishery. We did have to deal with a lot of people. Went up to the upper section of the river and found a spot with no one in it. The fishing started of a little slow, learning curve. Within a hour and half started hooking up on a regular basis. There was a caddis, PMD and golden stone hatch going on. The caddis seemed to be the heaviest. Fish did not seem to be looking up, few risers. Fish where feeding very actively sub surface.

I will be going back and spending more time at this river.

Golden Stone Adult

Sunday, May 31, 2009

HMD Nymph (Home Made Device)

HMD Nymph
This little nymph I consider my first fly that I designed. This fly has produced on tail waters, freestone rivers and still water. The HMD nymph is my goto to nymph for almost any condition. It has a great buggy appearance to it. Tie a few up.
Hook: Curved caddis Hook
Thread: 8/0 Black on natural - 8/0 olive on olive nymph
Bead: Black
Rib: copper brown wire on natural, green wire on olive
Flash back: Medium Mirage opal tinsel-This goes over the abdomen only.
Abdomen: 60% natural Hare's Mask 40% tan UV Ice Dub or
60% olive hare's mask with 40% LT olive UV Ice dub
Thorax: Black UV Ice Dub, Peacock Ice Dub

I think the key to this fly is the dubbing mixture on the abdomen. After you complete the fly brush out the abdomen and thorax.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Casual Dress Nymph

I joined a fly swap for the flymph forum. IBF Swap #11 Hair hackles. The only stipulation was that it had to be a hair or fur soft hackle. I have always been a big fan of Polly Rosbrough. His fuzzy nymph series was ahead of it's time. One of the first VHS tapes I bought was his "Tying Fuzzy Nymphs. His techniques are very unique, his nymphs are very durable and create a lot of movement in the water. The Casual Dress Nymph is a deadly lake pattern. Polly considered this nymph as an food nymph. Hope you enjoy
Material List
Hook: TMC5263 size 12
Thread: 6/0 Gray
Tail: Tuft of muskrat fur
Abdomen: Muskrat fur
Collar: Muskrat Fur
Head: Black Ostrich herl