Friday, July 30, 2010

DH Hopper Tying tutorial

DH Hopper

I have been tying this hopper for a while. I have had a few requests for a step by tutorial for this fly. The DH Hopper has been one my hottest sellers for this summer. The pattern is a easy tie and has simple materials.
Hook: 2xl dry fly hook MFC#7022 size 10 thru size 14
Thread: 6/0 tan
Overbody: 2mm foam Brown
Underbody: 1mm Razor foam Tan
Underwing: Rainbow Crystal Flash
Overwing: Natural Bull Elk
Thorax: Tan UV Ice Dubbing
Legs: Brown centipede legs

Step 1: Attach thread and cover shank of hook

Step 2: Cut a piece of 2mm foam. The width of foam should be the width of the hook gap.

Step 3: Attach 2mm faom to the hook shank, right above the barb of the hook. Advance the thread to the 3/4 point on the hook.

Step 4: Cut 1mm foam in a strip about 1/8" wide. Tapper the tie point.

Step 5: Attach 1mm razor foam at about 1/2 point on the hook shank. Bind down foam to tie point for the 2mm foam.

Step 6: Wrap the 1mm faom foward, first wrap needs to be handled with care. As you wrap the foam forward it will create a nice segmented body. Wrap forward to the 3/4 point of the hook shank and tie off.

Step 7: Pull 2mm foam over the body and bind down. Bind down all the way up to the eye of the hook. Do not trim the foam out over the eye.

Step 8: Attach about 6 strands of rainbow crystal flash

Step 9: Attach elk hair wing, length of wing should just go back past the tie in point for the overbody.

Step 10: Dub the thorax with UV Ice dub. Note where the thread ends up.

Step 11: Attach rubber legs on each side of the body

Step 12: Pull faom back over the thorax and bind down. Whip finish and trim foam back. Trim legs to length

View of finished fly from bottom

View of finished fly from bottom with tan and yellow

Give this pattern a try. Let me know what you think.

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  1. I think they look real good. I have the material and I think I will tie some up for my trip tomorrow...nice tie...