Sunday, November 28, 2010

BH Golden Stone "D" Rib Nymph Tying video

Just complete another Tying Video. Let me know how you like it.

BH Golden Stone "D" Rib Nymph

Hook: MFC #7073 Size 10 thru 14
Bead: MFC Luccent Tungsten Coffee
Under body: Flat Lead Tape
Thread: 6/0 Yellow
Tails: Gold Goose Biots
Abdomen: Light Golden Stone "D" Rib
Markers: Sharpie Marigold and Brown
Wing Case: Rainy's Stretch Flex Golden stone
Dubbing: Rene Harrops Tannish Yellow Mixed w/ UV Ice Dubbing Light Yellow
Legs: Natural Partridge

Friday, November 26, 2010

Testing out my new Vise - Regal Vise

 Went back to my roots in fly tying, the first high end vise that I purchased was an Regal. After tying on my Regal for quite a few years I got the bug to go a rotary vise. That end up for me being a mistake for me. I tied a few different vise in between. So now 20 plus years later I have moved back to Regal vises. Pretty much the same mechanics in the the vise. The ability to rotate the head is new from what I had before. The hook holding ability is still top rate. No adjustments for different hook sizes either, place your hook and go. The other feature I like is that you can buy the heads separate, right now I have the stainless jaws and the midge jaws. I will get the standard jaws after the holidays. Check out there website if you are interested.

 Midge head

Size 22 in the stainless jaws

Sunday, November 21, 2010

DH Hopper Tying Video

Just Finished my thrid tying video, DH Hopper. Added a couple new ideas with this video. Hope you enjoy.

Goldenstone Nymph Juan/Carl verison - Anglers All Tying Demo

 Went to watch Juan tie at Anglers All on Saturday, I wanted to see how he tied wing cases on his new golden stone nymph. Earlier in the week he had sent me pictures of a golden stone nymph that he had tied with my "D" rib abdomen and the thorax region of his. Juan should how he tied it at the tying demo. Who would of thought that the thin white foam packing material from most electronics would look so good with a little coloring from markers. Need to work out a few kinks with the proportions on this fly.

Juan's Fly that he tied

Sunday, November 14, 2010

CP's Caddis Larva Tying Video

Just finished my second tying video. CP's Caddis Larva nymph. Let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy.

Hook: MFC#7045 Size 14 thru 18
Bead: Black
Under body: Flat lead tape
Thread: 8/0 Light Olive - 8/0 Black
Abdomen: MFC Wonder Wrap Caddis Green
Rib: X-SM Green UTC Wire
Wing case 1: Black Holographic Tinsel
Wing case 2: Black Flouro Fibre
Thorax: SLF Black Prism Dubbing
Legs: Black Flouro Fibre

Buckskin Midge - something old, some new

Going threw my tying material and found these pre-cut buckskin strips. I had them in 4 sizes, medium, fine, extra fine and super fine.  I would guess they are around 15yrs old. Combine these strips with a 10/0 white thread and some Coq De Leon Light Pardo feather fibers and a little different technique to tie them in. What you get is a nicely proportion size 20 buckskin nymph. When I started tying a long time ago I would get a bulky body. I never liked the way they looked. Can't wait to give these a try this winter on my local tail water

Pre-cut buckskin strips
 Size 20 buckskin nymph
Hook: TMC101 size 20
Thread: 10/0 white
Tail: Coq De Leon Light Pardo
Abdomen: Super fine buckskin strip
Head: Black Marker on thread

Same as above but on size 20 2xl curved shank hook and a 1.5mm black tungsten bead

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Old freind last Sunday - Cheesman Canyon

 Last Sunday got the chance to go visit an old Friend for the day. Haven't been into Cheesman Canyon most of the summer. Me and a co-worker left bright and early. We arrived at the parking lot to the view above, sky was on fire. Geared up and headed into the canyon, started off at the picnic table hole. Flows where running very good for this time of the year. Fishing was good, fish where pretty active. A lot of different flies caught fish. no one pattern worked better.  Crowds was on the light side, had the pick of the holes.
 Picnic table hole rainbow fell to a Yougs flasher
Kelly getting ready
Colorful little brown 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fly Fishing the South Platte River - An Anglers Guide by Roger Hill

 I got this idea from a video that Juan Ramirez blog, he did a video of Ed Engle tying the stillborn midge. This pattern came  from this book, Fly Fishing the South Platte, An Anglers Guide. This was the first fly fishing and fly tying book that I bought. Roger Hill the author was one of the first to write fishing and tying flies for Cheeseman Canyon. He also spends some time writing about the materials for tying small flies. If you can find a copy of this book I highly recommend it.

Over the winter I'm going to spotlight some of the fly patterns in this book. The patterns in this book are examples of simplicity in tying. Most of the material are all natural furs and feathers.

The first fly I'm going to spot light is the Muskrat Nymph.

Hook: TMC100 size 20 - 26, I tied the pattern on TMC101
Thread: 8/0 gray
Body: muskrat fur, very sparse

Build up thorax with tying thread, sparsely dub thread, and wind onto hook. Whip finish and cement.

 Here is the muskrat nymph I tied