Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall day on the Colrado River - 10/10/10

 Sunday October 10th me and Chris Skinner took off to fish the Colorado River for the. I have never fished the Colorado River much, but Chris wanted to take me up. As we came up Berthoud pass we figured out that winter was not far of. Pretty much a cloudy all day, we did have a few rain sprinkles. We started out at the Breeze unit just below the Parshall hole. The fishing started off a little slow but picked up fast. I was hoping to see a BWO hatch, none to be found. Fished all day with a nymph rig, a egg followed by my Biot Emerger. The fish would not let my biot emerger pass by without eating. This fly took 90% of my fish for the day. A lot of fish caught in the 14" to 16" range. No sign of spawning browns.

A side note for the day, had the chance to test out my new rod and reel. I have never been a fan of the high dollar fly rod until now. I just got my hands on a new R.L. Wintson 9'-0" 5wt BIIMX, this is one amazing rod!!.

Fish picture

Another fish picture

Chris with a nice brown

My new set up

Fly of the day - Biot Emerger


  1. Did you fish the William's Fork at all? Strange no egg eaters... sounds like swell weather to me.


  2. I like the looks of your new rod. Very classy.