Monday, May 30, 2011

Sculpzilla - The ultimate streamer

In my opinion this is the ultimate streamer pattern. Sculpzilla can be changed to match almost any color scheme. I tie it in basically three sizes, small, medium & large. The darker the fly I use the black nickel cross eyed cones. The lighter ones I use the nickle cross eyed cones. I pretty much stick with the red eyes for the cone.

Hook: trailer hook Daiichi #1640 size 4, front hook Diarikki #930 size 2 salt water hook. Remember after you finish tying the fly cut of the front hook. Cut it as close to the body as you can
Thread: UTC GSP 50 color to match
Cone: Crossed Eye cone, Black nickle or Nickel
30lbs spider wire braid for connecting hooks
Wing: Rabbit strip, coordinate color of strip to finished pattern
Body: UV Ice Dubbing to match, Use dubbing loop to dub.
Gills: red soft hackle feather
Skirt: Marabou wrapped as a collar.
Collar: Grizzly Chickabou color to match
Nose: Hot orange 140D thread

This streamer in the water has a ton of movement. Also another plus for this fly is that when it is wet, it is easy to cast.
Here is some of the color variations that I like.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

UV Chewee Scud Olive

Been playing around with some different scud patterns. Really likes Herm's scud, but I don't like coloring the scuds the way he does. I'm not a artist, then came UV Chewee skin. This is tied like Herm's scud but with a few different materials. The main material is UV Chewee skin, what neat stuff. The dubbing for the legs is a mixture of Natures Spirit emergence gray olive dubbing and light olive UV dubbing. Hopefully well give this a try next weekend. The fly is coated with Loons UV clear fly finish, not really happy with it.  Can't wait to try my new Diamond Clear UV from Deer Creek flies. I'm going to get more colors of the UV Chewee skin. I tied this on s size 14 MFC #7076 hook.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Playin around with Chironomids

Been playin around with Tak's Crystal Chironomid. Here are a couple, 1 red & 1 black. I not happy with breathers at the head. Can't wait to get my new Diamond clear UV resin from Deer Creek to test on these patterns. My Loon clear fly finish is way to thick to level properly. I think we will be on the still water for a little while. Run off is going to get crazy around here very shortly.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trip Report - Antero Res. - 5/5/11

Had the opportunity to call in fishing today, convinced two of my co-workers also to call in fishing. Left bright and early for Antero Res, weather forecast was in our favor today. We arrived at Antero around 8:30 am to very light winds and some what light crowd. Headed for the south shore boat ramp circus, pretty mild today. If you have been there you know what I mean. The day started of well, right out of the chute I hooked up with a real nice rainbow. Kelly started off a little slow but end up with a fury. Dale is fairly new to the lake fly fishing and had a good day.

Second fish of the day, nice cutty.

Kelly's fish of the day. Fat Rainbow

Dale's fish of the day

Fish of the day for me, male rainbow

This was the fly of the day, black chironomid (Buzzer). Olive scuds also worked well.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday morning boredum set in. Organizing Tools

I was setting at my tying bench bored and wishing I was was on a river with a rod in my hand . So i decided to organize my fly tying tools. Started cleaning and organizing my tools that is when I realized I might have a problem. I'm a fly tying tool junkie, how many tools does one person need.

 Scissors- how many pairs dose one person need. I still have my original DH Thompson Ice scissors, midge and hair. This pile would be a lot bigger if I hadn't just threw a few pairs out.

 Whip finishers, just a few.

 Hackle Pliers

 This is the scary pile. Bobbins

 Dubbing brushes, a little small compared to the rest

 Dubbing twisters

 Bodkins, fancy word for dowel with needle.

Hair stacker's

This is what accumulates after 25 years of fly tying. Some of these tools are my original tools when I started tying.