Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spinney Mountain Resivor and Eleven Mile Canyon - 6/6/09

Learned a valuable lesson today, went to Spinney Mountain Reservoir for a day of fishing. Did not check weather forecast, big mistake. Arrived at Spinney about 8:00 am and noticed wind blowing a lot harder than it should be for that time, approx 20mph. Decided to go ahead and hike down to the favorite spot. Got rigged up and started fishing, with in a hour there where 2 foot white caps on the lake. At that point we decided to come up with a new plan, had the kitchen pass did not want to go home. Decided to go to Eleven mile canyon.

I hate to admit this, lived in Colorado all my life. Fly fished Colorado 25 years and I have never been to Eleven Mile Canyon. After spending a few hours on Saturday, what a great fishery. We did have to deal with a lot of people. Went up to the upper section of the river and found a spot with no one in it. The fishing started of a little slow, learning curve. Within a hour and half started hooking up on a regular basis. There was a caddis, PMD and golden stone hatch going on. The caddis seemed to be the heaviest. Fish did not seem to be looking up, few risers. Fish where feeding very actively sub surface.

I will be going back and spending more time at this river.

Golden Stone Adult