Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wounded Warror Project - Project Healing Waters.

On Friday October 1st I had the honor to spend the day volunteering my time to guide a couple of our finniest soldiers in the wounded warrior project. Project Healing Waters was able to get a 2-1/2 day trip step up for the wounded warrior project to fish the Blue Sky Ranch for 2 full days. Many of you might only know this stretch of water by the name of Jurassic Park. I would like to give big thanks to Mike the ranch manager for all of his hard work in this project, with out his effort this wouldn't have been as successful. They had the ranch set up into about 16 beats, what amazed me was how much still water is on the property.

I was assigned beat 8 a great piece of water on the river. With the river flowing at close to 700cfs we had to be careful of the wading. Both of the young men I fished with where good anglers, you could tell they have had some fly fishing instruction.

Both of the young men I got the honor to guide for the day are based out of Ft Carson in the Springs. All of these men are very thankful and appreciative of  all the hard work that everybody did for this trip.

This was the base camp where everything started. They also served a first class lunch, provide us with plenty of water and pop. The ranch had three of there ATV's to help move people around and lots of great volunteers.

Clayton is the young man I got the honor to spend the morning with. The one thing that I will never forget with Clayton was his joy in seeing the first fish we hooked up in the morning come out of the water.  That fish went close to 10 pounds, we didn't land her bought he fought her for a while.  Clayton was able to get 3 fish to the net in the morning.

Jesse is the young man that I spent the after noon guiding, we had a tough afternoon on the river. We where able to get him into a few fish on one the the small ponds.


  1. It's great of you to volunteer your time for such a worthy cause. Of course, it's pretty nice to spend some time on that stretch water too.

  2. Carl, as a Vietnam Veteran I want to personally thank you for spending time with these young soldiers. They deserve the best! Again thank you. Jim Ashmore

  3. Nice job! And those are some PIGS!

    The Average Joe Fisherman