Thursday, May 20, 2010

This made my day - Fly Tyer Magazine Summer 2010

Finally got my hands a the newest Fly Tyer Magazine, and inside I found something pretty cool. It's not to big    of a deal, but I think it's pretty cool.

Inside the magazine was a article for the newest patterns for Montana Fly Company. Started scrolling threw the patterns and I find a cool surprise.

And there it is, Pennington's D-Rib Golden. I was pleasantly surprised, I had heard from MFC that this might happen. You never know until you see it for your own eyes. The only thing that is a little dis hearting is that they have the material list incorrect. At least I know the fly is correct, that is one I actually tied. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trip Report - Antero Res. 5/15/10

Took off early Saturday morning for Antero Res. with great anticipation for a fun filled day of fishing. Kelly one of my co-workers came a long for the ride. We head over for the north shore to set up for the day. We where greeted with this view. Shortly after arriving at the north shore we where greeted by a short lived snow squall. We had a couple of fisherman to the north of us, otherwise we had that area of the lake to ourselves. 

First fish of the day, nice fat rainbow.

Close up of the first fish of the day

Red chirnomids and olive scuds seem to work the best. Did catch the last 2 fish of the day on a black UV wooly bugger.

This little gem worked well

Kelly with his first fish, nice little cutty.

Cool Picture

Gotta love Colorado

At the end of the day took a trip over to the south shore, heard some stories that the south shore boat dock was on fire. First thing I thought to myself was this is a three ring circus. The concrete boat dock to left of the ramp was being fished by 6 fisherman. The 10 to 15 minutes we watched this circus I saw 12 fish caught and only two were released. The DOW need to put a full time officer at this lake on weekends. I will get off my soap box now.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yankee Buzzer - New Chironomid paterrn

I have heard a lot about the new lake pattern from the bench of Rob Kolanda, he was working for Front Range Anglers. The pattern is named the Yankee Buzzer, not a lot of info on the pattern yet. Was able to find  the pattern for sale at Front Range Anglers. The Pattern is being produced by Solitude Flies. The fly is tied in 4 color combinations, black, red, olive and brown. I have tied 3 out of the 4 color combos. I have made some minor changes to the pattern. 1st change is the hook, I'm tying it on a MFC #7231 2XL curved shank hook. Second change is the wing buds I'm using amber biots, they used a amber flex floss. 

The picture above is the Solitude pattern that I purchased from Front Range Anglers.  Not the best looking fly. 

All the flies below are ones that I tied 
Olive Yankee Buzzer

Black Yankee Buzzer

Red Yankee Buzzer

Loon UV Clear Fly Finish and Power light

I have been playing around with two new products from Loon Outdoors. First is there UV Clear Fly finish, I have been using it on some buzzer patterns. First thing that I noticed was the clarity of the product. It seems to be very clear, no tinge of yellow. Started tying with it about a week ago, the flies tied a week ago look like the ones tied yesterday. They have a great gloss finish and still very clear. I had tied some other patterns with UV knot sense and they lost there sheen and clarity after a period of time. Have fished the patterns yet, field testing will be coming.
In conjunction with the UV clear fly finish I was using there new UV power light. The light is very strong, it dose not take long to harden the coating. I have there old 3 bulb light the new light is much stronger. The other thing I like about the new light is that is uses AA batteries and has a on/off switch.
As far as the price on both new products, that is the one draw back to the the products. The UV clear fly finish runs $25.00, the tube is about 3 times the size of the UV knot sense. The new power Light runs about $35.00. In my opinion the products are worth every penny.

Here is a sample fly below, Yankee Buzzer

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Working on my fly boxes

Took advantage of a pretty quite day at the home front and got the opportunity to work of my fly boxes. Did get to serious, just attacked some random holes. Also decided to come up with a new pattern for the lake box. Here are some pictures of what was put into the boxes today.

Sparkle wing RS-2

Youngs Flasher

Another view of Youngs flasher

My version of Barr's Bouface. Many difference is that I'm using a pine squirrel collar instead of the marabou collar. Also some new olive tungsten beads on this fly
Group photo of Bouface's

New olive chironomid pattern. This looks to be a killer, can't wait to give it a try

New red chironomid pattern