Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yong Special

Yong Special

This pattern has been around for a while. The fly originated by Andy Kim. A very simple pattern to tie but very effective in the water. With all the midge patterns out there today how do you choose what to fish with. I like patterns that are simple to tie, also very durable. This pattern meets both requirements. Also a bonus with this fly, you buy a spool of Coats & Clark thread and you tie a lifetime of flies. If this pattern is tied correctly it creates a highly segmented body. This is how I tie the fly, the original pattern is tied a little different. Thanks to Norm Frechette for heads up for this link. Hear is a link to an article written by Rick Takahashi with tying instructions.
There are many colors of thread available. These are some of the colors I like from left to right. Metallic white, summer brown, olive, cream & tan. Here are the steps and a few helpful hints in tying the Yong Special.
Material List
Hook: TMC 101 size 18 thru 24
Thread: 10/0 white
Abdomen: Coats and Clark thread - your color of choice
Head: Black marker
Step 1 - Start your thread behind the eye of the hook. Tie in the Coats & Clark thread. Keep your tying thread really flat.
Step 2 - Tie the thread down all the way to the bend of the hook. keeping a flat smooth under body.

Step 3 - Wrap the Coats & Clark thread forward. Before wrapping forward, cord up the thread by spinning clockwise. If you cord up the thread tightly you will get the highly segmented body.
Step 4 - Tie of the Coats & Clark thread. Color your thread with a black marker, create the head of the fly. Whip finish and cement.
Finished fly brown
Finished fly olive

Give this pattern a try, simple to tie. Simple materials, highly effective in the water


  1. How nice to see "simple" again. It seems that many have gotten into the habit of "overkill" on materials when oft times "less is more". I'll be tying up a couple doz of these for my next trip to the Eastern Sierra.

  2. Actually, this fly was around for many years on the San Juan before Andy Kim showed up. It really doesn't matter though...

  3. I used black fly tying thread instead of the white, then built up a head with the black thread and tossed the Sharpe. Also Coats & Clark is a cheaper, courser thread than you wife is probably using for her sewing as C&C is known for shedding fibers and gumming up machines. I tied with a higher end thread and did not get as good of a ribbed effect. C&C is cheap - buy your own and stay out of trouble.

  4. Thank you for sharing this pattern. I will be cranking some of these out after I rake some leaves. Take care

  5. coton or poly coats and clark

  6. What about the yong wing and candy? instructions

  7. Thanks for this and for all the other patterns and fishing wisdom you share.
    I was wondering if you knew how Andy Kim ties his droppers onto his tippet (I've heard that he "eye" method, but I'm not sure).