Saturday, September 4, 2010

New patterns added to Montana Fly Company Line Up for 2011

I will have two new patterns added to Montana Fly company line up for 2011. The first pattern is the "D" rib black stone fly nymph. It is basically the same pattern as the golden but tied in black . The thorax is tied with peacock herl, I love the iridescent of the peacock herl in this pattern.

 The second pattern is the bead head version  of the "D" rib golden stone nymph. The bead I'm using is the Montana Fly Luccent tungsten bead in the coffee color. The fly is also tied on the 3xl bent shank hook by Montana Fly company. With the lead under body and the tungsten bead this one gets down deep fast.

Montana fly is also adding another size for the "D" rib golden stone nymph, they are adding a size 14 in that pattern. That is the size I fish the most.