Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Been a while

Just thought I would give a quick update, It's been a while. I have been enjoying my new grandson Jousha, he has been keeping the family busy. He has been a absolute joy he is now almost 4 months old.  Can't wait to get a fly rod in his hands.

Now onto some fishing reports.

Fathers day I was able to take out and hit  Cheesman Canyon for a few hours in the morning. Flows where good at about 195cfs. Fishing was good but not great. I was totally surprised by how empty the canyon was for a weekend. What I also realized was the canyons is one of those place that you need to fish on a regular bases to have confidence. The day started off with a 3 fly nymph rig, took a little to pick up the first fish a feisty rainbow. This is still on of the most scenic places I know.

The Wednesday before fathers day me and Rick took off to south park for a little still water action at Antero. The fishing was some what slow. I was able to test out my new frame less pontoon boat from Creek company.  Did get a killer picture a damsel nymph, I was surprised on how bright green the color was. The cali hatch was pretty slow, saw a few dries.
My new toy. This thing is awesome

The last report was from about 3 weeks ago. Kelly and I took of to the Arkansas river at Hayden meadows. It was a beautiful day for fishing, we had the river to our shelves. Arrived at the river around 8:30am and geared up. The morning started off with a bang and by early afternoon it was fishing real slow. A green caddis larva seemed to be the ticket. Did switch over to a dry dropper, the dropper seemed to be the ticket. Hardly saw any top water action.

Fly of the day
Watching Kelly land this fish was a thing of beauty(not)
Wish I would have video taped it.

finally landed it

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