Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday morning boredum set in. Organizing Tools

I was setting at my tying bench bored and wishing I was was on a river with a rod in my hand . So i decided to organize my fly tying tools. Started cleaning and organizing my tools that is when I realized I might have a problem. I'm a fly tying tool junkie, how many tools does one person need.

 Scissors- how many pairs dose one person need. I still have my original DH Thompson Ice scissors, midge and hair. This pile would be a lot bigger if I hadn't just threw a few pairs out.

 Whip finishers, just a few.

 Hackle Pliers

 This is the scary pile. Bobbins

 Dubbing brushes, a little small compared to the rest

 Dubbing twisters

 Bodkins, fancy word for dowel with needle.

Hair stacker's

This is what accumulates after 25 years of fly tying. Some of these tools are my original tools when I started tying.


  1. After all of this product testing, which dubbing twister do you prefer?

  2. Dang, I thought my hoard was bad. If you need to clear out some bobbins, add me to the list!

    Long time lurker, first time commenter. Thanks, CP!!!


  3. pretty neat... enough scissors to bald a monkey!

  4. good lord on the scissors!! That is a grip!!

  5. that is a pretty impressive stash...can't wait to see the pictures in another 25 years :-)

  6. Mike,

    The dubbing twister I like the best is the Mark Petitjean loop twister. I seam to have the most control with this one.