Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trip Report - Antero Res. - 5/5/11

Had the opportunity to call in fishing today, convinced two of my co-workers also to call in fishing. Left bright and early for Antero Res, weather forecast was in our favor today. We arrived at Antero around 8:30 am to very light winds and some what light crowd. Headed for the south shore boat ramp circus, pretty mild today. If you have been there you know what I mean. The day started of well, right out of the chute I hooked up with a real nice rainbow. Kelly started off a little slow but end up with a fury. Dale is fairly new to the lake fly fishing and had a good day.

Second fish of the day, nice cutty.

Kelly's fish of the day. Fat Rainbow

Dale's fish of the day

Fish of the day for me, male rainbow

This was the fly of the day, black chironomid (Buzzer). Olive scuds also worked well.


  1. great fish. Nothing better that being on the water in the middle of the week.


  2. Why is it every time I go to Antero I get blown off the water? Great fish. Nice to see Antero is producing well.