Sunday, August 1, 2010

DH Hopper protype

 I have customer that really likes the Streambank hopper, he also really likes my DH Hopper. The one thing that caught his eye with Streambank Hopper was the strip of orange. He challenged me to incorporate the orange foam into my DH hopper. The first challenge is trying to figure out the best glue to use. Super glue and Zap A Gap dose not work for gluing foam together. When the super glue dries it will not allow the thread to compress the foam. In tying the DH Hopper you need the thread to compress the foam down alot.  I went on the search for the correct adhesive for gluing foam together. What I found was that regular contact cement works great. It leaves the foam in a pliable state. Now it comes down to playing with the thickness of the foam, the one tied above is tied with 2mm brown and .5mm orange. Finding the thinner foam for this is a little tricky. Raineys cross link foam comes in thicknesses of .5mm. 1mm, & 2mm. I also found Wrigthway foam has the same thickness. I hope to have a fishing report sometime later in the week for the above hopper.

 Streambank Hooper
 Streambank Hooper

 DH Hopper
DH Hooper

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