Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free Stone Favorite.

Spring is in the air that can only me one thing. One of my favorite free stone rivers is awaking. BWO hatches are not far off, mothers day caddis is around the bend. Yes the Arkansas river is what I'm taking about. This is probably my favorite river to fish in the spring. When this river awakens it really comes to life. One of my favorite patterns to fish is a BH Red Fox Squirrel Nymph. Put the fly as your upper fly on a two fly rig, followed by a BWO nymph or a caddis larva. As you can see I add rubber legs to the mix. With the added weight of a tungsten bead this little gem will get down deep.

Hook: 2xl nymph hook, size 12 thru 18
Bead: Gold Tungsten bead
Thread: 8/0 Tan
Tail: Fibers for Indian hen back feather
Rib: Oval Gold Tinsel
Abdomen: Dave Whitlock's SLF Dubbing Red Fox Squirrel Abdomen
Thorax: Dave Whitlock's SLF Dubbing Red Fox Squirrel Thorax
Legs: Extra Small Brown Barred rubber kegs

Give this little gem a try, It will not disappoint you


  1. Ahhhh the legs...... music to my eyes!!

  2. Dave Whitlock's Red Fox Squirel Nymph has been my go to nymph for over 25 years. However, you're listed tail material differs from the original pattern, which is a small tuft of hair fibers from the back of the squirrel. Whitlock has recorded a video on the history and tying techniques for this most versatile nymph.

  3. I have a little more control with Indian hen feather fibers.