Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Camera Pentax Optio W80 waterproof

Received my new camera in the mail on Friday. I bought a Pentax Optio W80 Waterproof 12 mp. So far I'm rather pleased with the camera. I'm really liking the macro mode on the camera. All these pictures are take with one of the two macro modes on the camera. There is a macro mode and a super macro mode. All these pictures where taken with me holding the camera. I'm still having some struggles getting the colors correct and the lighting correct. I can't wait to take this camera on a fishing trip, don't know if I will test the waterproof feature. The one feature of this camera I really want to try is the HD video. I will need some extra battery's for this camera the battery life is not good.

Meat and potato box
Golden Stone Nymph
Phesant tail nymph
Mayfly box

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  1. Nice photos! I bought a WS80 in November and have been really pleased with it. I think you'll love the W80. As an added improvement for pics taken at the bench, consider getting a small 6" tripod (theyre fairly cheap), and use a 2 sec. shutter delay to totally eliminate any camera shake, which will let your camera use a longer shutter time, and by extension a lower ISO, which will make a more color-rich, less grainy picture.

    Most of the pics on my blog were snapped with the WS80: