Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Fly Fishing Show Recap

Well the Fly Fishing show is now over, it was a great weekend. Spent the last three days tying next to Lori Nicolas of Anglers All what neat Lady. I got to know hear a little bit over the years shopping at Anglers All. Her passion for fly fishing and tying is amazing, you could see the excitement in her when someone stopped and asked her a questions. It was a blast sitting next to her. Got to tie a lot of flies over the 3 days, the main pattern tied was my Golden Stone nymph.

Spent a little time taking to Juan Ramirez, it just amazing how much our tying styles are a like. I still think his hopper pattern is the best out there.

Also had the honor of sitting next to Mike Tucker, let me say this he is one of the most amazing tiers I have met. His work is out of this world.

The high light of the weekend for me was being invited to tying in Albuquerque by Deward Youcum. He invited me to tie next fall at there equivalent to the West Denver TU tying clinic. Spent a little time talking to Deward, what a neat guy. The only thing I wish was I could have spent more time looking at what the other tiers where working on.

Can't wait for next year

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