Sunday, May 31, 2009

HMD Nymph (Home Made Device)

HMD Nymph
This little nymph I consider my first fly that I designed. This fly has produced on tail waters, freestone rivers and still water. The HMD nymph is my goto to nymph for almost any condition. It has a great buggy appearance to it. Tie a few up.
Hook: Curved caddis Hook
Thread: 8/0 Black on natural - 8/0 olive on olive nymph
Bead: Black
Rib: copper brown wire on natural, green wire on olive
Flash back: Medium Mirage opal tinsel-This goes over the abdomen only.
Abdomen: 60% natural Hare's Mask 40% tan UV Ice Dub or
60% olive hare's mask with 40% LT olive UV Ice dub
Thorax: Black UV Ice Dub, Peacock Ice Dub

I think the key to this fly is the dubbing mixture on the abdomen. After you complete the fly brush out the abdomen and thorax.

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  1. Think again! It's been around longer than when you "designed" it.