Sunday, May 15, 2011

UV Chewee Scud Olive

Been playing around with some different scud patterns. Really likes Herm's scud, but I don't like coloring the scuds the way he does. I'm not a artist, then came UV Chewee skin. This is tied like Herm's scud but with a few different materials. The main material is UV Chewee skin, what neat stuff. The dubbing for the legs is a mixture of Natures Spirit emergence gray olive dubbing and light olive UV dubbing. Hopefully well give this a try next weekend. The fly is coated with Loons UV clear fly finish, not really happy with it.  Can't wait to try my new Diamond Clear UV from Deer Creek flies. I'm going to get more colors of the UV Chewee skin. I tied this on s size 14 MFC #7076 hook.

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