Monday, October 25, 2010

First try at a tying Video - Biot Emerger

This is my first attempt at a tying video that I did the video camera work. Juan has done a couple for me. Little rough around the edges. Tell me what you think


  1. good job Big C. I never did understand that blue background thing, maybe my eyes do not work correctly, but a light grey or drab greenish grey would suit me better.

    that bug has been killin' on the Bear Creek, BTW.

  2. nicely done! you need to format the sizing of your video to frame within your background. right now it overlaps your post banner wall. tried it on a couple of different computers to confirm.

    Great fly! One of my favorites. Although my attentions not on fishing this time of year.

  3. Very well done. The size of the image allows good visualization of the tying steps. Your comments were succinct, but complete.

  4. Hey, really nice job. I agree with comments above. One thing I like in video is whe the tier holds the material in front of the camera for a second or two so we can get a look at the package. It doesn't have to be everything, like spools of thread, but maybe the materials that are more unique to that fly like dubbing etc. Great job man!