Monday, July 4, 2011

Test Kick Outcast Fat Cat LCS

Had the opportunity to take out my birthday and fathers day gift for a test float. I received as Fat Cat LCS for a gift from my wife. Headed out for Spinney mountain res on July 3rd. We arrived at no name bay around 6:00am, fished from shore for a while. Then it was time to get the tubes out. Got all set up and headed out, minor to the seat on the way out. The first thing I noticed with this tube was how high you sit in the water. After a while in the tube I thought i was sitting in my recliner at home. The Fat Cat maneuvers fairly easy. The other thing I figured out is need a different net, I don't like my wooden net sitting in the water all day. After about 6 hours on the water I realized my legs are out of shape. Overall had a blast. Oh by the way fishing was ok, the cali hatch on no name bay was epic. Hard to catch fish with that many naturals on the water.

 This was the fish of the day, went about 20 inches. This fish put up a fight like no other, just about put me into backing. It was like I hooked into a torpedo.


  1. Very cool. I have a similar tube (Super Fat Cat) with only difference being the inflatable seat and backrest. It's pretty luxurious way to fish isn't it? Almost makes you feel guilty doesn't it? My only suggested improvements for Outcast on these tubes are:
    - the stripping apron is flimsy and needs stiffeners round the perimeter.
    - no good place to secure a second rod or your rod when swapping flies. I like to have floating and sinking lines rigged on separate rods and am always worried about dropping one in the lake.
    I do use the velcro tie downs to secure my rod when I need to be hands free.
    The backpack straps are an essential accessory for hauling the tube a distance from the truck. I've hiked 2 miles with the tube on my back quite comfortably. I do think Outcast cats are the best designed float tubes on the market today. Oh yeah - regarding tired legs - I've found that eating a banana for breakfast helps hold off leg cramps a lot - especially on windy days.

  2. Mark have you seen the new rod holder by Outcast. Little pricey but it has possiblites, it will hold up to 4 rods.

  3. I'd be interested in knowing how the Fat Cat handles in the wind. I have a TU Tioga that I had out on Antero and thought I was going to die