Monday, May 30, 2011

Sculpzilla - The ultimate streamer

In my opinion this is the ultimate streamer pattern. Sculpzilla can be changed to match almost any color scheme. I tie it in basically three sizes, small, medium & large. The darker the fly I use the black nickel cross eyed cones. The lighter ones I use the nickle cross eyed cones. I pretty much stick with the red eyes for the cone.

Hook: trailer hook Daiichi #1640 size 4, front hook Diarikki #930 size 2 salt water hook. Remember after you finish tying the fly cut of the front hook. Cut it as close to the body as you can
Thread: UTC GSP 50 color to match
Cone: Crossed Eye cone, Black nickle or Nickel
30lbs spider wire braid for connecting hooks
Wing: Rabbit strip, coordinate color of strip to finished pattern
Body: UV Ice Dubbing to match, Use dubbing loop to dub.
Gills: red soft hackle feather
Skirt: Marabou wrapped as a collar.
Collar: Grizzly Chickabou color to match
Nose: Hot orange 140D thread

This streamer in the water has a ton of movement. Also another plus for this fly is that when it is wet, it is easy to cast.
Here is some of the color variations that I like.


  1. very nice looking fly...I like. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Thanks for posting , I love throwing the big stuff and those flies look great! Gonna have to tie a few up for a hopeful trip to the river next weekend....Jeff