Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trip Report - Sunday 4/3/11 0- The Roaring Fork River

Had the opportunity to hit the water this last Sunday. Was invited to go to the Roaring Fork river with one of my customers and two of his friends. We pulled into Glennwood a little after 7:00am and started heading up the valley. We noticed the water was pretty off color, so we headed up above the Crystal river. Water clarity was better, not great. The morning started off  with a bang, within the first couple hours hooked and landed 6 to 8 fish. Biot Emerger, "D" rib golden stone nymph and Pats rubber leg where the flies of choice. Mid morning the weather turned a little for towards the bad side. We fished at Hooks Bridge and at Cathrine's Store. We did take a little break and went to check out the Frying Pan river. The snow was flat out coming down up on the Pan. Wish I had taken some more pictures. We had a little challenge getting home, I-70 was closed when we pulled into Vail. Come to find out it had been closed since about 11:00am. Shortly after we arrived in Vail they opened the highway.

 Nice little male taken at Hooks Bridge by Jeff
Justin and the fish of the day