Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shrimp foil Scud

Been playing around with a couple new materials to me. I was given a few pieces of light olive pearl shrimp foil. Then I bought some Natures Spirit emergence dubbing in a gray olive color. Both products are very cool. I really like the texture and the sheen of the Natures Spirit emergence dubbing. Can't wait to give this scud a try on one of my favorite still waters.

Hook: MFC 7076 1XL nymph hook Size 16
Thread: 8/0 Olive dun
Weight: .015 lead wire
Tail: Coq De lon Fibers
Rib: 2lbs mono
Scud back: Light olive pearl Shrimp Foil


  1. scuds suck!!! just kiddin, Buddy o mine thinks they are a gift from god,,, just a bug to me.

  2. Duuude...scuds = my favorite fly. And yes, they are a gift from God.

  3. Great looking scuds....