Saturday, March 6, 2010

Couple New Midge patterns

Saw this cool midge pattern an Thursday at the Dream Stream. This little pattern below was money. Sean Downey a local tier and fly fisherman put me on to this little midge pattern. What really caught my eye was the red hook. Friday took off to the fly shop and bought a few of the Daiichi #1273 red hook in size 20 & size 22. Had to give these hooks a try. 1st fly was tying up Sean's little red midge pupa.

Hook: Daiichi #1273 red size 20
Thread: 8/0 red
Bead: Diamond midge bead
Rib: 8/0 pearl flashabou
Abdomen: 8/0 Red thread
Thorax: peacock herl
Midge Pattern #2
I wanted to see how a mercury black beauty looked on the red hook. I really like the looks, hope the fish do.
Hook: Daiichi #1273 red Size 20
Thread: 8/0 Black
Bead: Diamond Midge bead
Rib: Extra small silver wire
Thorax: Bright green dyed peacock herl
Midge #3
This little pattern comes from the vise of Shaun Solomon. Shaun and I had a tying night on Friday evening. Showed Shaun the red hooks, then he preceded to show me this little gem of an pattern.
Hook: Daiichi #1273 red size 20
Thread: 8/0 UNI Rusty dun
Bead: Diamond Midge bead
Tail: Midge crystal flash
Rib: x-small silver wire. Shaun's pattern did not have rib, I added it
Abdomen: 8/0 UNI rusty dun thread
Thorax: UV grey Ice dubbing


  1. Very, very nice Carl. The 1273 is a great hook, these patterns are loaded with key triggers.

    I'll be on the water within the hour - for the first time in 2010... this will be the year of the midge.

    Keep well.

  2. Good looking bugs! A couple of years back a buddy asked me to tie up some egg patterns on Gamakatsu C12-B, red midge hooks and they actually came out looking classy! I guess they fish real well on the Reef and he's done well with them in Alaska. Try a Red Annelid tied with Micro, Blood Red, Midge Tubing. I think you'll be pleased! The fish sure seem to like them....

  3. Andy,

    Good luck on the water today, thanks for the nice comments


    I will give those a try, Hopefully I will be on the reef here real soon