Saturday, March 13, 2010

Anglers All Fly Shop - New Tying products

Stopped by Anglers All today to pick up my new wading boots that had just come and the Lori was stocking some new tying products. Gave me an idea to put the post up letting people of the Denver metro area of the new tying products they are caring.

1. Montana fly tungsten beads, brass beads & Luccent tungsten beads. We all know how expensive tungsten beads are, you need to check out Montana fly beads

2. Montana Fly camo print tying tools. These tools are of good quality and a cool look

3. Dyed peacock eyes from Wapsi. They now have this very popular tying material ini stock

4. Saving the beat for last, the Denver metro area has a shop in the south side of town stocking Nature's Spirit products. They brought in elk hair in a few different types. They also brought in emergence dubbing and the fine dry dubbing. Natures spirit products are heads and tails above the rest.

Stop by the shop and check it out. Anglers All has one of the best fly tying areas in the south metro.

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  1. So nice to see Angers All had Natures Spirit when I was in there for the Clave this weekend. I had already spent WAY to much money to get anything but I'll be back later in the week when my sticker shock passes.