Sunday, February 28, 2010

New C & F Fly Box Mid Size - All Things Little Fly Box

Just bought a new C & F fly box, this is the new mid size box. This box will hold some bugs. I'm going to use as my All things little Box(midge box). This box has 768 slots for flies, I have some work to do. I'm organize by color in this box. I think C & F make the best fly box on the market. They are expensive but in my eyes well worth it. The only draw back to these boxes is if you loose one, you will cry!!! Knock on wood I have never lost a fly box

Sides 1 & 2
Side 1
Side 1
Side 4
Side 3


  1. I totally agree with you that C&F makes the best fly boxes out there, I've carried them for years. Two things to give thought to... If you wind up with several of their boxes you can loose time looking for this or that pattern if you have to check two or three identical boxes. I have color coded my boxes my using a high vis color of spary paint and put a quarter sized dot on both sides. Hot orange for midges, hot green for dries etc. This serves a second purpose in that it makes the box much more visable if you lay it down, walk off and leave it in the heat of battle. The hour I wasted one evening on the, Taylor looking for a missing box, prompted the high vis. colors! Last, keep your eyes open for a well made little box that can be adapted to hold a single one of the inserts that C&F makes. I found a little Plano plastic box a couple of years back, well made and really tough plastic. Glued in an insert that I trimmed to fit and wound up with a great little day box that is no larger than a check book. Box... $3, Insert...$12.
    Wishing you a great season!

  2. I think the C&F 1566F with the flip page is awesome for #16 - #24 nynphs and dries. I can put slim nymphs and midges side by side using all 22 slits per row and go as far as every third slit for #16 spinners. I have four of the 1566F and three of the C&F 1566.