Sunday, July 29, 2012

A few pic's of whats being tied at the vise lately

These have been some of the hottest patterns this summer

Amy's Ant - two different colors

Original Amy's Ant

A little different version of the DH Hopper

A bunch of Amy's Ants

Size 14 DH Hopper

Amy's Ant

Golden Stone Color Amy's ant

Caddis larva - This thing has been on fire

Caddis Larva

 A bunch of caddis larva

More info to come on some of these patterns


  1. Really nice work, the foam bugs are one of my favorite flies.

  2. Like the foam flies,1 of my biggest trout(12"Redband Rainbow) last weekend was caught on a #14 Black & Brown Chernobyl ant with a #16 caddis larva trailer,nice ties,keep the fur & feathers a fly'n.

  3. Good choice of flies for sure and I would agree with David on the Chernobyl.

  4. Carl,

    Any chance you profile your tying desk? That thing looks pimp! Is it custom?