Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fly Box Tour - Box #1 All things Little, Midge Box

The idea for this post came from the last couple weekends. Two weeks ago I was at West Denver TU tying clinic and had my fly box out on the table and was amazed how people stop to look at my fly boxes . Then this last Saturday I was doing a tying demo at Rocky Mountain Anglers in Boulder and had my fly boxes out. Again they where looked at a lot. So I got this idea to give you a tour of my fly boxes, this could take a while. I'm going to start out with my midge box. I organize my midge box by color. I took these picture with a fairly high setting on my mega pixels so you can really zoom in on them.

 Side 1 Reds and blacks, how different black midges can one person have.

 Side 2 - Whites and olives

 Side 3 - Pearls, browns, copper and some zebras at the bottom.

Side 4 - RS-2's, crystal midges and open spots.

Need a little work to get this box complete

If you have any questions please leave a comment.


  1. Looks great Carl! You can do some serious work with these bugs!!!

  2. Nice, looks like your armed!!

  3. Thanks, have a little more work on this box

  4. Rs2 - my favorite fly. Nice looking midge boxes.


  5. Second page, far right, top corner. Are those the "Cheesman Canyon" emergers? If so, what do you think?


  6. Great box. I need to really organize my boxes!

  7. Good this fly box keep it your post.thanks for sharing.