Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buckskin Midge - something old, some new

Going threw my tying material and found these pre-cut buckskin strips. I had them in 4 sizes, medium, fine, extra fine and super fine.  I would guess they are around 15yrs old. Combine these strips with a 10/0 white thread and some Coq De Leon Light Pardo feather fibers and a little different technique to tie them in. What you get is a nicely proportion size 20 buckskin nymph. When I started tying a long time ago I would get a bulky body. I never liked the way they looked. Can't wait to give these a try this winter on my local tail water

Pre-cut buckskin strips
 Size 20 buckskin nymph
Hook: TMC101 size 20
Thread: 10/0 white
Tail: Coq De Leon Light Pardo
Abdomen: Super fine buckskin strip
Head: Black Marker on thread

Same as above but on size 20 2xl curved shank hook and a 1.5mm black tungsten bead


  1. can't find these any where. any ideas who still sells them?

    1. Joe Taggert of Denver produced the packaged strips for many years but due to a debilitating disease he no longer works.

  2. I don't think they are made any more. I've had these probably close to 15 to 20 years