Friday, July 2, 2010

Mini DH Hopper Challenge

I have been tying my DH hopper in standard sizes for a while, it has been a very productive pattern. I tie it in a wide range of colors. I have a customer that has been ordering my DH hopper in size 12, he seems to really like it. He had a strange request this week, he wanted the DH hopper in a size 16. I thought about it and said I can do this. The biggest challenge with this fly would be what hook to use. A standard dry fly hook would have no gap left after you tie the fly. After a couple of tries I settled on a TMC2499SPBL hook is a size 12. The shanks length of that hook closely matched that of a size 16 2XL dry fly hook.   I also liked that it had a slight curve to the hook.

Group photo
I think this little hopper could hold a a good size dropper

Bottom view

I wish Montana Fly Co. made those red/black/yellow rubber legs in a small size

I think this little fly has a lot of potential as a attractor dry fly in these sizes. I'm also going to try it on the same hook but is a size 10.  I don't think I would take it any smaller than this.


  1. A customer that smart should be taking tying lessions.. I fish 14 and 16 in the summers and even 18 early in the summer call it the hatch.. Im sure you know when the little hoppers come out.. yet most wait till they see the big ones to fish em... those 18 and 16 get blown in and loose there ballance.. from mid May to July..

    Smokin hot pattern though!!

  2. Sweet looking fly... I love anything with foam and rubber legs...

  3. Really a great looking little pattern! Lots of potential in lots of settings!