Sunday, May 2, 2010

Working on my fly boxes

Took advantage of a pretty quite day at the home front and got the opportunity to work of my fly boxes. Did get to serious, just attacked some random holes. Also decided to come up with a new pattern for the lake box. Here are some pictures of what was put into the boxes today.

Sparkle wing RS-2

Youngs Flasher

Another view of Youngs flasher

My version of Barr's Bouface. Many difference is that I'm using a pine squirrel collar instead of the marabou collar. Also some new olive tungsten beads on this fly
Group photo of Bouface's

New olive chironomid pattern. This looks to be a killer, can't wait to give it a try

New red chironomid pattern


  1. Good looking bunch of flies! The chironomids should kill, they look great...

  2. Thanks Midgeman, need to post the one I just tied up. Its not my pattern but it is cool.

  3. Very nice flies! I myself am tying my first Prince Nymphs. I am convinced that Goose Biots were put on earth by the fly tying gods to frustrate novice fly tiers like myself. Good to see you back.

  4. Good ties,love the pine squirrel wing and collar great works,@David O keep working on those biots they frustrate me to and I been tying for awhile.

  5. David biots take time to learn, practice, practice. If it helps tie in one at a time.

  6. Nice tying Carl! Where did you pick up the olive beads for the bouface?

  7. The beads where sent to me by Ducan of Montana Fly Company. New color of tungsten bead not available for sale yet.Hopefully they will add the color, I really like it