Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trip Report - Antero Res. 5/15/10

Took off early Saturday morning for Antero Res. with great anticipation for a fun filled day of fishing. Kelly one of my co-workers came a long for the ride. We head over for the north shore to set up for the day. We where greeted with this view. Shortly after arriving at the north shore we where greeted by a short lived snow squall. We had a couple of fisherman to the north of us, otherwise we had that area of the lake to ourselves. 

First fish of the day, nice fat rainbow.

Close up of the first fish of the day

Red chirnomids and olive scuds seem to work the best. Did catch the last 2 fish of the day on a black UV wooly bugger.

This little gem worked well

Kelly with his first fish, nice little cutty.

Cool Picture

Gotta love Colorado

At the end of the day took a trip over to the south shore, heard some stories that the south shore boat dock was on fire. First thing I thought to myself was this is a three ring circus. The concrete boat dock to left of the ramp was being fished by 6 fisherman. The 10 to 15 minutes we watched this circus I saw 12 fish caught and only two were released. The DOW need to put a full time officer at this lake on weekends. I will get off my soap box now.


  1. Sweet day!! yep gotta love it!!

  2. Carl, Great story! From the looks of your photos a typical South Park weather day and Antero is always fun to fish I am curious, what size were your Chironomids tied in? Good looking little pattern!

  3. Midgeman, I tie them in two sizes. Size 14 & 16, these seem to work the best at most of the still waters I fish