Sunday, May 9, 2010

Loon UV Clear Fly Finish and Power light

I have been playing around with two new products from Loon Outdoors. First is there UV Clear Fly finish, I have been using it on some buzzer patterns. First thing that I noticed was the clarity of the product. It seems to be very clear, no tinge of yellow. Started tying with it about a week ago, the flies tied a week ago look like the ones tied yesterday. They have a great gloss finish and still very clear. I had tied some other patterns with UV knot sense and they lost there sheen and clarity after a period of time. Have fished the patterns yet, field testing will be coming.
In conjunction with the UV clear fly finish I was using there new UV power light. The light is very strong, it dose not take long to harden the coating. I have there old 3 bulb light the new light is much stronger. The other thing I like about the new light is that is uses AA batteries and has a on/off switch.
As far as the price on both new products, that is the one draw back to the the products. The UV clear fly finish runs $25.00, the tube is about 3 times the size of the UV knot sense. The new power Light runs about $35.00. In my opinion the products are worth every penny.

Here is a sample fly below, Yankee Buzzer

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