Friday, December 30, 2011

Frontrange tailwater fishing report

Took of from work on Thursday and headed south for a day of fishing with a group of friends. Headed to one of the front ranges tail waters. Beautiful day for late December, arrived about 8:00am and the temp was about 40 degrees. Strung up my favorite 4wt rod and headed to the water. Spent most of the morning fishing with Jeff. For me the morning was very productive. Running a 3 fly nymph rig, BH "D" Rib Golden Stone nymph, Stuffed Olive and a red midge. With in the first hour all three flies had produced fish. The "D" Rib Golden Stone fly Nymph was the fly of the day. Around mid to late morning I was working this deep channel and I hooked a 20" beautiful rainbow. She was bar far the fish of the day. River was getting really crowed by lunch time, started moving around to get out of the crowds. Moved down stream to a little different spot and got out of the crowds. Few more fish at the new spot, we than loaded up and headed home.

Jeff in a very productive run

Fly of the day

Beautifully spotted Rainbow

Fish of the day, 20" Rainbow

Me with the fish of the day

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