Thursday, April 14, 2011

Biot Emerger - PMD Fly Pattern

I have had a few request here of late for this color variation of my Biot Emerger. I tie this pattern with and with out flash back. It is tied the same as my Biot Emerger BWO.
Material List
Hook: Std Scud hook sizes 16 thru 20
Thread: 8/0 cream or pale yellow
Shuck: Amber Z-Lon
Abdomen: Brown/Olive Goose Biot
Wing case: Mirage Opal Tinsel(optional)
Wing case/legs: Umpqua Fluoro Fibre Shrimp Color( I have only found Umpqua/Metz to carry this color)
Thorax: Montana Fly Co UV Frogs Hair Dubbing PMD Color(or any pale yellow dubbing)
Legs: Umpqua/Metz Fluoro Fibre Shrimp Color

This is a great summer time pattern. Fish dead drift on the bottom fly of a nymph rig. Can be tied with a brass bead.