Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fly Box Tour - Box #2 Meat and potato fly box - Stoneflies, bead heads and larger flies

The second fly box of my fly box tour is my meat and potato fly box. The box contains most of my bead head nymphs and my larger nymphs. This box is with me at all times on the water, spring, summer, fall & winter.

 Side 1 - Stone fly nymphs, crane fly larva and soft hackles

 Side 2 - Copper Johns, Price nymphs & Hot Wire Princes

Side 3 - Hare's ears, HMD's and some Buggers


  1. Carl,

    I'll take one of those boxes please. Or maybe next time I tie next to you, I'll just swipe it!


  2. Love the box tours Carl!! love it!