Friday, November 26, 2010

Testing out my new Vise - Regal Vise

 Went back to my roots in fly tying, the first high end vise that I purchased was an Regal. After tying on my Regal for quite a few years I got the bug to go a rotary vise. That end up for me being a mistake for me. I tied a few different vise in between. So now 20 plus years later I have moved back to Regal vises. Pretty much the same mechanics in the the vise. The ability to rotate the head is new from what I had before. The hook holding ability is still top rate. No adjustments for different hook sizes either, place your hook and go. The other feature I like is that you can buy the heads separate, right now I have the stainless jaws and the midge jaws. I will get the standard jaws after the holidays. Check out there website if you are interested.

 Midge head

Size 22 in the stainless jaws

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  1. I bought the Regal Vise when I first started tying and never regretted it. I have the stand alone with standard jaws and it works just fine for me. I can't forsee getting another one.