Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cheesman Canyon 5/3/09

Arrived at the parking lot a 6:30am, to my surprise I was the first in the lot. Geard up and hit the trail. The flow was running about 500cfs, overcast weather conditions. Started fishing right below the meat hole. About third cast hooked up with a nice 17" rainbow. Worked the hole for about an hour, picked up 5 more fish. Moved up to the meat hole with not much luck. Worked that section river for another hour picking up a few more fish. I was surprised how little fisherman where on the water for a Sunday. There were maybe a 1/2 dozen fisherman on the lower section of the river. Noticed a few BWO starting to hatch, but no surface activity. 

Moved down to the picnic table hole, and went over to the far side of the bank. Noticed a lot of active fish on the seam. Picked up a smaller rainbow, worked it for a little while and then picked up the nicest fish of the day. A beautiful 20" rainbow.

Moved back up river and noticed that the flows had dropped from the morning. It was mid afternoon and I had to get heading to car.      


Fly of the day
Biot Emerger

Nice Spotted Rainbow

Swimming away
Another Nice Rainbow

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