Monday, February 18, 2013

Video - Grey Diamond Scud

My newest video, please check it out and let me know what you think

Grey Diamond Scud
Hook: MFC #7076 size 14, 1XL nymph hook
Thread: 8/0 Grey
Weight: Few Wraps .015 Lead
Tail: Coq De Lon Fibers
Rib: 4lb Mono
Scud Back: 1/8" Light Grey Scud Back
Body: SLF Spikey Squirrel Natural Grey mixed with Grey UV Ice Dubbing
Coating: Deer Creek Flies Diamond Hard UV Resin Tack Free


  1. Really Feeling this Tie Carl. How do you feel about the deer creek uv resin versus epoxy or the clear cure goo, etc.

    1. Cahrlie,

      I've played with most of the resins and found that Diamond hard is really tack free after you hit it with the light. You don't need to coat it with any thing else.

  2. Nice tie Carl. Ever think about a curved hook instead of the hump? Just a thought.

    1. jshin,

      I was taught a long time ago by Mike Tucker (The Tucker Scud)to tie my scuds on that hook. The reason for it is when a scud swims it's profle is more flat. I still want the little bit of the hump and keeping the fly profile flat. If you get a chance goolge the tucker scud. There is a video floating around of his Tucker Scud