Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Fly added to Montana Fly Co Line up for 2012

I got the word earlier this week that Montana Fly Co added my Biot Emerger PMD to there 2012 line up. This pattern and the BWO color have been main stys in my box for years.
Material List
Hook: Standard scud hook Size 14 thru 18
Thread: 8/0 pale yellow or cream
Shuck: Amber "Z-lon"
Abdomen: Olive/brown goose biot
Thorax: Pale Yellow UV frogs hair dubbing from MFC
Wing case: Mirage opal Tinsel
Wing case & legs: Flourofibre Shrimp color


  1. Nice looking fly. Do you varnish the body?

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Carl, neat pattern...

  3. Nice fly tying, trout sure they eat well.
    I added to my blog.
    Greetings from Spain

  4. I have done well with that one Carl. I pretty much fish my own ties, but that one looked like something I would have done, so I didn't sweat it too much.

    Glad to hear they picked it up. It can be hard to get "simple but effective" patterns into production if the pattern does not already have a regional following, ala brassie or RS-II.

    At any rate, good for you big guy.