Friday, June 10, 2011

Product Review - Deercreek Flies Diamond Hard Low Tack resin and Torch

I received are care package a couple days ago from Nik Wright of Deercreek flies, he sent me some of his new UV low tack resin and a torch to cure it. The name of the resin is Diamond Hard Low Tack. Been playing around with for a couple of days now and I really like it. I have been using Loon's clear fly finish before. The Diamond Hard is a lot clear than the Loon, the Diamond hard is crystal clear. It does seem to be harder than the Loon Clear Fly Finish. The Diamond Hard is defiantly a low tack resin, once you hit it with a light no need for anything to cover it. The Diamond Hard Resin seems to be a little thinner than the Loon's Clear fly finish. As for the torch for Deercreeks resin it is a lot more powerful than Loon's new power lamp. The batteries for Deercreeks torch are a little hard to find at a fair price. I went to Walgreens to buy the batteries and they were $11 each, I then went to Batteries Plus and found them for $11 for two. Over all I would highly recommend this product to all.

 The resin and the torch

 Test fly

 Same fly different view
Another Fly


  1. GREAT Review! I was looking for a thinner version with low tach and looks like I found it! Awesome job on the flies too

  2. Hi Carl
    Well what a great review for us and the fly looks like a killer.
    A new pattern perhaps for DC.
    We would like to send you out 2 free batteries too.
    This torch does normally come with batteries, but USA very tight customs and how manic they are, we decided not to ship to the states with them.