Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Newest Olive Nymph

 I have been working on a heavier BWO point fly for a nymph rig. Also to use the nymph as attractor pattern. I think I have the pattern. Been fishing one this fall similar to this, it was tied with a tungsten gold bead and I didn't like looks. I received some new Dark Olive Luccent tungsten beads from Montana Fly Company and that is what the pattern needed. Now it is ready for some field testing, the one similar to this preformed well. This is a quick tie
Hook: MFC#7076 1XL Size 14 thru 20
Bead: MFC Luccent Tungsten Dark Olive
Thread: MFC 8/0 light olive
Tail: Coq De Lon Medium Pardo
Rib: 1 x-sm gold wire & 1 x-sm green wire
Abdomen: MFC 8/0 Light Olive thread colored on the top half with sepia Pantone marker
Wing Case: Lagartun Flat Mini Braid Dark Olive
Thorax: Arizona Peacock Dubbing in Bronze. Inserted in dubbing loop and picked out.

Also I'm trying to name this pattern, not much creative juices flowing right know. Give me your ideas

 Top View
 Under side
Group photo


  1. Nice pattern, like it a lot. I am sure it will catch hordes of trout, so maybe "Green Terror"?

  2. Great tie Carl.....as usual. I like the buggy look the dub loop gives. How about the stuffed olive?

  3. Thanks guy's fished it today on the Blue and it did well. Took 1/2 dozen fish on the nymph in about 2 hours. So far I like the name stuffed olive. Keep the names coming.

  4. I just love those beads Carl...Just ordered a bunch... the fly is great too!


  5. looks like food to me! Good pattern Carl.

  6. Great looking fly. I'm going to give them a shot if I get through my "homework" ;-) I love the way they have a nice thin abdomen.